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Friday, June 11, 2004

NY Times Expresses Outrage About Electronic Voting Machines

Only in Venezuela, of course.
One solution, electoral and computer experts say, is the use of manual audits of the receipts the machines produce for every vote cast.

"That is the most normal thing in an electoral process, and that they would deny it is absurd," said a diplomat in Caracas who has closely monitored elections here and in other Latin countries. "What serious electoral board would not permit an observation, as is done everywhere?"
The diplomat has apparently never heard of Georgia and the stealections of Saxby Chambliss as senator and Sonny Perdue as governor in 2002.

I'm sure that there's plenty of misdirection and outright misstatement of facts in this article, as with practically every mainstream U.S. press story about Venezuela. The National Election Commission IS independent, and is allowing the recall referendum to proceed.

Maybe Chavez is looking at the bigger picture here. The only way Bush gets re-selected is by fraudulently using electronic voting machines. The biggest threat to Venezuela is certainly not Chavez, and it's not the opposition either. It's George W. Bush. Chavez knows that the only way that the American SCLM (so-called liberal media) will cover electoral fraud is if it's his (Chavez's) electoral fraud. So to protect his country, Chavez blatantly uses electronic voting machines to try to steal the election, hoping that will turn Americans against electronic voting and cause Bush to lose. Dude is smart!