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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Multi-purpose Casualty

Michelle has a great post about the military propaganda machine. Here's the gist:

Sgt. Donald Walters of Kansas City apparently died in Iraq sometime last year. He was in the same unit as Jessica Lynch and involved in the same incident which caused her to be wounded and captured. At first, Walters' story was obscured by the Lynch story, with its hype about Jessica emptying her clip defending her comrades and such. But when Jessica started to set the record straight last summer, the military PR people, now short a hero, apparently decided that it was Walters, not Lynch, who was seen fighting courageously until he was killed in the battle and left behind. Now, after more and more revelations about the US torturing prisoners in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, the PR machine has apparently decided that Walters was captured, tortured and executed. And Walters' family apparently believes every story the Army tells them.