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Friday, June 04, 2004

Meet the New Stooge; Same as the Old Stooge

From the NY Times:
In his first address to the Iraqi people, the country's new prime minister today defended the presence of American and British forces on Iraqi soil and warned that their departure would amount to a "major disaster" for the country.

Ayad Alawi, appearing in a televised address three days after being chosen prime minister, said his countrymen could "never accept" foreign occupation, and he vowed to reclaim the country's full sovereignty on June 30. But his speech amounted to a vigorous defense of the continued presence of American troops at a time when public opinion polls have reported that most Iraqis want the foreign troops to leave immediately.
Dr. Alawi, a secular Shiite, was chosen earlier this week in a United Nations-sponsored selection process to lead the government that will take over when sovereignty is restored here June 30. His government, which includes 32 other senior leaders, is supposed to guide the country toward democratic elections, which officials say will most likely be held in January of next year.

He is known for his association with the Central Intelligence Agency, which supported the efforts of him and his group, the Iraqi National Accord, to topple Saddam Hussein in the 1990's.
He got the job BECAUSE he promised he would say that the troops should stay. If he changes the story, Bremer or Negroponte will see that he is replaced. If he doesn't, some Iraqi will see that his term is a short one.