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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Let's Hope It Finally Sinks In

That this president is a miserable failure. From the NY Times:
Now, in 17 preliminary staff reports, that panel has called into question nearly every aspect of the administration's response to terror, including the idea that Iraq and Al Qaeda were somehow the same foe.

Far from a bolt from the blue, the commission has demonstrated over the last 19 months that the Sept. 11 attacks were foreseen, at least in general terms, and might well have been prevented, had it not been for misjudgments, mistakes and glitches, some within the White House.

In the face of those findings, Mr. Bush stood firm, disputing the particular finding in a staff report that there was no "collaborative relationship" between Saddam Hussein and the terrorist organization. "There was a relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda," Mr. Bush declared.

Such assertions, attributed by the White House until now to "intelligence reports," may now be perceived by Americans as having less credibility than they did before the commission's staff began in January to rewrite the history of Sept. 11, in one extraordinarily detailed report after another.
Will the Repugs finally call for getting Bush and Cheney off of the ballot? Will the Dems finally call for impeaching the whole lot of scumbags? Will enough people finally see that the whole "war on terrorism" is a crock, and that imperialist scumbags like Bush and Kerry (whose "opposition" to Bush's policies and actions has been mostly nonexistent, and the rest of the time pitiful) shouldn't even be considered for president?