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Friday, June 18, 2004

Defying Bush--Yeah, right

From AP:
Defying the Bush administration, the Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to add 20,000 troops to an Army stretched thin by the war in Iraq and other commitments around the world.
The administration's supposed opposition to more troops was a combination of two things: Their usual refusal to admit they were wrong when they said they had enough troops, and the hope of avoiding talk of a draft until after re-selection in November. The slimeball Senate votes 93-4 to bail aWol out of facing that dilemma. EVERY Democrat present voted for the increase (the only one absent, like he was on the latest Star Wars vote, was John Kerry, but we know how he would have voted--make it 94). Why isn't any of these swine saying that the situation could be improved in a much more efficient way by subtracting at least one war instead of adding 20,000 more troops? This is like buying another drink for a drunk who claims he doesn't want one (almost literally).

Or a more lengthy analogy: You're walking along the street, and you see a guy breaking into a house. You ask, "What are you doing?" He replies that there are all sorts of guns and bombs and stuff in that house, and it's a threat to the neighborhood. A few neighbors come by and say no, there aren't any guns or bombs in there. So the guy says that there are folks tied up in there, and he's going to free them. But when he breaks through the outer door, you can see the people inside moving around freely, telling him to get out. He keeps trying to break in, even though it's now obvious that he's a crook who's been lying all along just so he can break into a house. As he struggles to open the inner door, do you try to stop him, or do you look around for a big stick you can offer him so he can complete his crime? If you chose the second answer, then you too can be a United States Senator.

And for AP to claim that this was "defying" Bush is so completely outrageous that I can't even come up with an analogy for it.