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Sunday, June 27, 2004

BTW: Afghanistan is still a mess, too

From the Reuters:
Taliban guerrillas kidnapped and then killed 16 people in an Afghan province after finding them with voter registration cards for the country's September elections, a district official said Sunday.

The guerrillas stopped a bus carrying 17 civilians through the district Friday, said Haji Obaidullah, chief of Khas Uruzgan district in the central province of Uruzgan.

The guerrillas took the passengers to the neighboring province of Zabul and killed all but one of them when they found they were carrying voter cards, he quoted the lone survivor as saying.

"They were apparently killed because they were carrying the registration cards," he said.
Jeepers. Even Jeb didn't go that far to keep people from voting. And I thought Georgie said we'd gotten rid of the Taliban. The Afghan war was really just as criminal as the Iraq war (and the Haiti war), and just as messed up. Two marines and two election workers were killed there earlier in the week.