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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Aren't Two Bloody, Pointless Wars...

Which killed tens of thousands of Muslims and Arabs, most of them innocent of any crimes against the U.S., more than enough retribution for the idiot yahoos in this country? Of course not. Two Americans are allegedly beheaded, one in Iraq and one in Saudi Arabia, and these nutcases want to take it out on every Arab or Muslim or people who vaguely look Arab or Muslim. Thirty years of dumbing down the media, add in a touch of Rush and FoxNews, and you've got maybe the stupidest, most reactionary populace on the planet. Two examples:
"I believe the time is coming when Muslims will not be safe inside the U.S. borders," one man wrote to the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations. "I see nothing wrong with us doing the same things to them that they are doing to innocent people."

"It is high time you people wake up and smell the blood," another man wrote to Assaf's group in New Jersey. "Turn in the terrorists. They are your relatives, in a lot of cases. Cousin Omar. Uncle Mohammad. You know what I mean. Until you come forward to help us stamp out this vermin, you are as bad as they."