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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Stupid *&$%#@ Democrats

I know it's just a cheap ploy to get me to contribute money, but you'd think that the Democratic National Committee would at least PRETEND to have an interest in my opinions on the issues that matter most to me. But their "Official 2004 Party Platform Survey" that I got in the mail just asks me to rate a bunch of dumb statements as "Very important," "Somewhat important," "Not very important," or "Not important at all." Aside from Personal Comments at the end, which I'd bet 10-to-one are never read, I'm given no opportunity to call for full and immediate withdrawal from Iraq, for withdrawal from NAFTA and the WTO, for universal health care, for raising the gasoline tax. Basically, I'm just allowed to assign priorities to Kerry's stupid platform, not suggest changes.

I think I'll just fill out the comments and send it in without money. Maybe someday they'll get the message.