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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Sins of the Fathers

This should be a land of equal opportunity. Anybody should have a chance to become president or have his own radio show, right? I guess, though I'm sorely tempted to call for preventing sons of former presidents becoming president or having talk shows. You know who I'm talking about as far as president. As for radio shows, I'm talking about Michael Reagan. Like idiot Senator Inhofe, he's outraged by the outrage from the Democrats about the Abu Ghraib scandal, and claims that the Nick Berg execution justifies everything. (And by "Democrats," I guess he's including Senators McCain (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC) and Warner (R-VA), who have explained clearly and repeatedly what is really wrong with Abu Ghraib and the general prison torture scandal, and why it should not be swept under the rug.)

Reagan makes the commonly-heard argument that "our" abuse pales in comparison with Saddam's, but neglects to mention that his father's (and the president's father's) administration actively supported Saddam in the '80's, even though his atrocities and use of chemical weapons were known back then.

Sometimes I think I should stop reading right-wing crap all together. It almost never provides me with any information, but it always pisses me off.