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Monday, May 24, 2004

Nader Suggests Edwards and Gephardt as Kerry Running Mates

Politics is bizarre, to say the least. Why is Ralph giving Kerry suggestions? And why two guys who voted for the war? Why not Bob Graham (my personal favorite among the people Kerry would actually consider), or Kucinich or Dean or Mosely-Braun or Wesley Clark, all of whom were at least nominally opposed to the war in Iraq? Among those who voted for the war, Edwards is my clear favorite--I just plain like the guy having watched many of the debates, and Kucinich likes him too. Being anti-NAFTA is about the only thing I like about Gephardt. He's about the only choice who wouldn't upstage Kerry in the charisma department. If Kerry wants to bring more energy and charm to his lousy platform, Edwards is the clear choice. If he wants to get people like me to vote for him, maybe even support him (and maybe win Florida in the bargain), he should pick Graham.

I don't think Ralph is trying to sabotage Kerry with his suggestions, but I must say the fact that he made them and who they are has done more to make me less likely to vote for Nader than all of the insults thrown at Ralph (or me) by the anybody-but-Bushers.