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Friday, May 07, 2004

Kerry is Such a Slimeball
Pandering to the rich Miami Cubans who apparently run this country, Kerry suggested that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is becoming a dictator on Univision TV Wednesday:

Upon being asked by reporter Jorge Ramos if he considered Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez a dictator, Kerry responded,

"Chavez is fast on the road of becoming exactly that. He is breaking the rules of democracy. I think it is very important for him to allow that referendum to take place and for this administration and others to put more visibility on what is happening so we can hold him accountable to international standards of behavior. Democracy is at risk."

Democracy is at risk, Senator, but not in Venezuela. It's at risk right here at home, where the "challenger" to the worst president in our history seems to agree with him on every part of his imperialist foreign policy, and is willing to sell out the well-being of millions of Venezuelans and norteamericanos just to appease a particularly nasty right-wing constituency.

Unlike his Washington counterpart, who as Left I would say is not worthy of shining his shoes, Chavez not only got more votes than his opponent when he was elected--he actually had a substantial majority. Unlike his Washington counterpart, Chavez faces a large and vigorous opposition with substantially different policies from his own.

There's only one president Kerry should be attacking, and he can just pick an issue. Bush is wrong on EVERYTHING, including his attempts at regime change in Venezuela.