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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Friedman's Just Another Word for Nothin' Much to Say

Okay, I shouldn't pick on Thomas Friedman today, of all days, when he is finally seeing the light about the Bushies.
It is time to ask this question: Do we have any chance of succeeding at regime change in Iraq without regime change here at home?

"Hey, Friedman, why are you bringing politics into this all of a sudden? You're the guy who always said that producing a decent outcome in Iraq was of such overriding importance to the country that it had to be kept above politics."

Yes, that's true. I still believe that. My mistake was thinking that the Bush team believed it, too.
I think he still misses the point that wars are inherently suckful ways to accomplish good things, and I don't see how he could ever have been so blind as to expect anything but the worst from the Bushies. But it's good to have one more prominent columnist abandoning the Bushies, at least, if not abandoning the war.