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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Explanation, Please!

Michael Ramirez from the LA Times is one of the more annoying right-wing cartoonists that I see on the Slate cartoon page. He's been a consistent defender of the war in Iraq. As far as the Israel/Palestine war goes, his position seems at least somewhat nuanced. He places a lot of blame on Arafat and on Hamas, but he also seems to suggest that the settlements and the wall in the West Bank are serious impediments to peace. Still, here's a cartoon from 2002 which is fairly typical of the right-wing cartoonists' "big bad Arab terrorist kills helpless innocent Israelis" theme:

But his most recent cartoon seems to put a more realistic perspective on the relative strengths of the two sides:

Please use the comments to tell me what you think he is saying here. Is he really pointing out the unfairness of the situation, just like the first cartoon with the roles reversed. Or is he trying to point out the Palestinians that resistance is futile? Or what?