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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Can I PLEASE vote for Nader?

The NY Times' Adam Nagourney and Richard W. Stevenson write that there's little difference between Bush and Kerry on Iraq. Times columnist William Safire proudly trumpets the fact, and challenges Kerry to stay the disastrous course. Times columnist Nicholas Kristof bemoans the fact that there is no difference between Bush and Kerry on Israel/Palestine. And that's just today's paper!

Nagourney and Stevenson state:
[A]s became evident with Mr. Bush's latest speech on Iraq on Monday night, which followed a detailed speech Mr. Kerry gave on Iraq's future one month ago, the broad outlines of their approaches are more alike than not. That is particularly true as Mr. Bush moves toward giving the United Nations more authority, a move long advocated by Mr. Kerry.

They both support the June 30 deadline for the beginning of the transition to civilian power. They both say they would support an increase in United States troop strength, if necessary. Neither has supported a deadline for removing United States troops.
There were six more or less decent anti-war candidates running for the Democratic nomination (Kucinich, Dean, Clark, Graham, Moseley-Braun and Sharpton), all of whom had far more charisma than Kerry, not to mention better positions on most issues. Why this dull warmongering nonentity was chosen is just beyond my comprehension.

To the anybody-but-Bushers: Foreign policy matters. The best Supreme Court justices in the world (and do you really think Kerry would pick the best?) won't save us from the effects of a disastrous foreign policy. Bush has a disastrous foreign policy. And Kerry supports it in all but the most minor details.

And will we be happy with our liberal Supreme Court while we continue to exploit the 6 billion or so Earthlings who don't get to vote this November?