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Friday, May 28, 2004

Blogger Post 4000

This is the 4000th post I've made on blogger since September 14, 2002. This was number one:
The trap is set: We ask, "Why Iraq?" Certainly if it is terrorism we are concerned about, then Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have clearly been far more involved in supporting terrorists, especially al Qaeda, than Iraq has. If it is weapons of mass destruction, Iraq might have a few, along with some primitive delivery systems, but Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan, India, France, England and maybe some others have fully developed nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Invaded other countries? Certainly Iraq is not alone in this--the US invaded Afghanistan just last year. Killed, abused, tortured, imprisoned its own citizens? Big club there. We mention all of this hoping to point out the simple-mindedness and incoherence of Bush's push for war. Why this particular dictator at this particular time? Our hope is that others will see that it doesn't make sense and that war can be averted. But now I'm afraid that the Bushies are just setting a trap. A year or so after a muddled, bloody and inconclusive attack on Iraq, W will be making the case for attacking Iran, or Syria, or Saudi Arabia, and he will have all of these quotes from us liberals to support his case. The Bushies are using 1984 as their guidebook for world domination, and an endless series of wars is very much part of the plan. While our arguments about the Saudis, Pakistanis and others are valid, we must be clear that we present them only to debunk the Iraq war plan, not as implied support for any future wars.
For better and worse, 4000 posts later the Bushies are so tied up in their criminal and stupid invasion of Iraq that they don't have the time to lie the groundwork for another or use arguments about the relative invade-ability of various countries against us.

I'd like to think my 4000 posts (and my pre-blogger posts before that) made some difference, but it's hard to see how. The war in Iraq happened. The worst president in US history is being "challenged" by a virtual frat-brother of his who has supported most of his crimes. "Free-trade" agreements and GMO's and sprawl and "enemy combatants" and Halliburton and the Veep from the Deep and the race to the bottom--all continuing, despite my best efforts.

Oh well--4000 is the product of a perfect cube and a perfect fifth power. I guess I settle for that.