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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

0 for 3
The Bush adminstration's record on regime change/nation building, that is. We all know how bad Iraq is; even parts they had gotten under control have slipped out of it (not to mention that they had absolutely no business bringing any part of Iraq under control). They never had most of Afghanistan under control, even though their excuse for invading there was infinitesimally less illegal and that there may actually be people there who have actually attacked America.

And now, according to the NY Times, the overthrown of Aristide in Haiti and subsequent invasion have made that poorest western country even poorer:

Difficult as it may be to believe, people here say, life in the poorest nation in the hemisphere has gotten worse in the past two months.

Mounds of garbage choke the streets. Electricity in the capital has been scarce for weeks. The police force has fallen deeper into disarray, and crime has spiked, including a rash of kidnappings aimed at wealthy businesspeople. The price of rice, the Haitian staple, has doubled in some parts of the country.