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Sunday, April 04, 2004

My Head Hurts...Or Why Bloggers Shouldn't Advertise
I took a quick look at Atrios, who led me to MaxSpeak writing about something that right-wing blogger Instapundit (no link here, on purpose) said about something that mainstream Democratic blogger Daily Kos said about the "contractors" who were killed in Fallujah on Wednesday. Kos wrote "I felt nothing" and "screw them." He explains that he was angry because five real soldiers were killed the same day and got far less attention than the mercenaries (Kos is a combat veteran).

So the thought police, led by Instapundit, came after Kos. Since Kos was running Kerry ads and raising significant bucks for the Kerry campaign, some of the wingnuts told Kerry that he should not have ads on Kos. And Kerry agreed, in case you have any doubt about where he takes his orders from.

I'm not sure I can derive a single coherent lesson from all of this, but I can come up with a few comments:
  • Kerry is a real wuss
  • Being able to step over the line from time to time is part of the beauty of blogging
  • Running ads may take away some of that ability
  • Finally, it's VERY tempting to go back and be ignorant again. Knowing more about what's really going on in the world and in politics hasn't increased my personal happiness. Watching Congress approve the Iraq war under pressure from the Bushies in 2002 despite all my phone calls and such (although all of MY reps voted against it!), watching supposedly anti-war pressure groups like MoveOn and Council for a Liveable World continue to support people like Kerry after they voted for the war, watching the U.S. start an illegal war despite all my marching and writing and calling, watching Bush's popularity remain high no matter how much evidence of his crimes is exposed--ignorance sure looks like bliss about now.