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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Iīve looked at Venezuela from both sides now
Besides being Easter, today is the second anniversary of the shooting at the Llaguno Bridge here in Caracas. We went first to an opposition rally--those opposing Chavez. We then went to a Chavista rally by the Llaguno Bridge itself. The feelings are strong on both sides, but fortunately we didnīt see any violence today. It may not be until after I get back that I write any long posts about the situation here in Venezuela; suffice it to say that there are a lot of parallels to the US, and a lot of stark differences as well.

We were on the pro-Chavez TV station last night. Three people in our group were interviewed live for about 40 minutes.

Update: There was some violence at the Chavista rally today. Michelleīs account:

We didnīt get arrested at the rally, but we have another one coming up. We did get pepper sprayed. Well, it was not intentional, but the police were brutally arresting a street vendor and got carried away with the spray. Our guide got a pretty good face full, my roommate got a blast and I got away with only a few molecules up my nose.