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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Who said this?
The purpose of government isn't to make the President look good. It isn't to produce propaganda or misleading information. It is, instead, to do its best for the American people and to be accountable to the American people. The people around the President don't seem to believe that. They have crossed a line--perhaps several lines--that no government ought to cross.

We shouldn't fire or demean people for telling the truth. We shouldn't reveal the names of law enforcement officials for political gain. And we shouldn't try to destroy people who are out to make country safer.

I think the people around the President have crossed into dangerous territory. We are seeing abuses of power that cannot be tolerated.

  1. Ralph Nader
  2. Dennis Kucinich
  3. Tom Daschle
  4. Robert Byrd
  5. Molly Ivins

The answer is between here Tom Daschle and here (run your mouse over the blank area to read the answer). Read the whole thing here.