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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A very sad day for America
Demand nothing, and that's what you get. It looks like Kerry will win nine of the ten primaries and lock up the Democratic nomination. This is bad news for those of us who have been out protesting against the Bush wars for over two years. If you think that Kerry would be better than Bush on foreign policy, read his speech from Friday. I think Paul Wolfowitz wrote it for him.

And the Republicans have him boxed in a corner. Bush has done horrible things in every way, and the only clear case Kerry is going to make is for raising taxes! The war is the worst Bush crime, and Kerry not only wasn't a critic, he was and is an accomplice.

In the past, I bemoaned the awful choices the two parties gave us for president, and in the last three elections I rejected both. But I was never anywhere near as well-informed and involved as I am now. I've marched in anti-war marches, passed out fliers, hung door tags in South Bend at 4 am, even made those awful phone calls, all in hopes that we'd have a real choice in 2004. In the first Democratic debate last May, there were five candidates who were at least nominally anti-war: Kucinich, Dean, Graham, Sharpton, and Mosely-Braun. Wesley Clark joined the race later. Any one of them could have faced George W. Bush in a debate and said "You took us to war illegally and for no apparent reason. Hundreds of Americans and thousands of others are dead, many more wounded, and the cost to the taxpayers is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Iraq posed no danger that demanded an attack, and there certainly was no need to hurry while the inspections were going on. You violated the highest trust of your office, and you don't deserve another minute in office."

Kerry's just going to muddle around about tactics, and his telling blow will be "Let's raise taxes."

I think the tax cuts were a huge mistake and need to be rescinded, but how Democrats can think that Kerry is going to be more electable than an anti-war candidate is beyond my comprehension. Well, maybe not. The Republican media has been telling them for two months that Kerry is electable, and they believed the media over their own eyes and ears. In September, the same media will tell them that Kerry is not electable.

I kind of enjoy the politicking (except the phone calls), but I will NOT be working for Kerry. Maybe I'll help Feingold, and I'll help our mayor and city councilwoman get re-elected. I'll help with voter registration, which will probably help Kerry indirectly. But I won't work for Kerry, because I can't come up with a good reason why people should vote for him. If you think I'm over-reacting, go read his stupid speech again. If you don't like war, you can't like Kerry.