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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

He's already acting like the president--pick out a code word and send out a stock response.

I sent an e-mail to John Kerry complaining about his anti-Chavez policy in Venezuela. Here is the response I got:

Thank you for sending John Kerry your thoughts about foreign policy in Latin America. Too often in the past, this Administration has sent mixed signals by supporting undemocratic processes in our own hemisphere. John
Kerry has a clear vision for the direction US foreign policy should take in this critical region.

It then referred me to the same articles I was complaining about, and asked me for money.

I understand that his staff is busy and all that. But a response like this doesn't even indicate that they acknowledge my concerns, much less does it address them. I would hope that they were at least keeping some sort of tally, but it looks to me as though they just search for code words and send out a canned response. Code word: Venezuela. Response: Latin American canned message. Donate to Kerry. Volunteer for Kerry. Vote for Kerry.

Why should I think he would pay any attention to my concerns next year when he won't this year when he needs my vote? Please, oh please, can we have a do-over so we can get a good candidate?