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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Still in Mourning
I can't get into blogging today. What's the point in further pointing out the crimes of Bush when the Democratic candidate was an accomplice in many of them, and appears to have no desire to make an issue of them? Karl Rove must be smiling right now. All those cartoons and op-eds about how excited the Repugs were about facing Dean were run for this very purpose. While vulnerable on every front, Bush is most vulnerable because of his lying us into war. That flank has now been covered.

But, in case anyone is relying on me as a news source, here are the headlines:

Haiti's a mess;
Venezuelan panel decides against recall, saying many of the petitions were fraudulent; (BTW, in Kerry's speech he berated Bush for not funding the National Endowment for Democracy sufficiently--the NED has been spending its endowment funding the coup leaders against the democratically-elected president in Haiti and the opposition against the democratically-elected president of Venezuela).