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Friday, March 05, 2004

Oh, horrors!
Gasoline prices may rise this summer. May I suggest something like excommunication for the first Democrat who suggests that something must be done to bring prices down, such as tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Low gasoline prices have kept us from moving towards energy independence, have polluted our air and blotted our landscape, and contribute to the 40,000 annual highway fatalities. Both Iraq wars were fought in large part to keep gasoline prices low, and the Bushies are trying to overthrow Venezuela's democratically-elected president for the same reason.

I don't want any oil execs or Saudi sheiks getting any richer than they already are, but higher gasoline prices would be one of the quickest ways to restore this country to sanity and to protect what's left of our environment. I was going to vote for Gore in 2000 until he called for tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which demonstrated to me that all his talk about protecting the environment was just that--talk. If the Democrats are concerned about shortages, they should demand an increase in gasoline taxes, not further destructive measures (drilling and wars) to increase supplies.

By both world and historical standards, gasoline is cheap. Given the ultimate limits on the world supply of oil and the damage caused by extracting, refining and burning it, gasoline is being wrecklessly given away. Any politician who adds lower gasoline prices to his platform is not to be trusted, or voted for. I suggested to someone last week that I'd like to see the true cost of gasoline passed directly to the consumer. How about a sign on the pump like this:

87 Octane: $11.99.9 per gallon, plus one week on the front lines in Tikrit.

Things would get better in a big hurry.