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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Lying Liar
Some politicians in Washington see this new challenge, yet want to respond in old ways. Their agenda is to increase federal taxes, to build a wall around this country and to isolate America from the rest of the world. They never get around to explaining how higher taxes would help create a single job in America, except maybe at the IRS. -- George Worthless Bush, speaking to a group of "small businesswomen" in Cleveland.

I don't think I have to cite examples from specific politicians: Increased taxes can a) be used to hire more teachers, cops, firefighters, and yes, IRS workers to chase down Bush's tax-cheat friends; b) Provide unemployment and food stamp benefits to the poorest Americans, who will spend the money almost immediately, providing jobs at grocery stores and the like; c) Pay for highways and other infrastructure, providing further jobs.

The difference is that this explanation of increased taxes increasing jobs has a substantial history of success (see Roosevelt, F. D.; Johnson, L. B.; and Clinton, W. J.). Bush's plan of cutting taxes has a growing history of failure (see Reagan, R. W.; Bush, G. W.; Bush, G. W.; and Bush, G. W.)

Furthermore, Bush and his unilateral-preemptive-war-against-whoever-for-no-apparent-reason policy has isolated America far more than any tariff or other "protectionist" measure ever has. Isn't it ironic that someone who claims, with no basis in fact, that he has "protected" America from terrorist attacks, uses the word "protectionist" as if it were a swear word?