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Thursday, March 04, 2004

From Mike Thompson.

I know, I should be a good little Bush-hater and rally behind JFK, no matter how awful he is. But if there's any lesson for me to learn from the past two years, it is this: What I say doesn't matter. So I'll just add on to Thompson's list:
  • Want more war? Kerry '04!
  • War in Iraq? Kerry on.
  • Vote for yet ANOTHER Skull & Boneser!
  • The Kerry Jobs Program: 40,000 more troops!

I'm still pissed at that MoveOn comment: "We're all ready to put aside our small differences." War, no war. NAFTA, no NAFTA. These are real, life and death issues, not "small differences." Bush and Kerry are on the wrong side of them. I am not ready to put that aside. I don't know what I'm ready to do, but supporting Kerry isn't it.