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Sunday, March 21, 2004

60 Minutes definitely was worth watching!
Richard Clarke covered pretty much all of the key points:
  • Bush ignored terrorism before 9/11 despite repeated warnings from Clarke and other Clinton administration officials
  • Bush and Rumsfeld wanted to attack Iraq immediately, despite lacking any evidence of Iraqi involvement
  • The administration kept demanding reports showing Iraqi involvement with al Qaeda, sending them back when they didn't give the desired answers
  • The attack on Iraq "stepped right in to bin Laden's propaganda," validating his claim that the U.S. wanted to invade an oil-rich Arab country
  • All of Bush's actions, before and after 9/11, have made us less safe.

The White House and Republicans like Joe Lieberman (yeah, I know what it says his party is) are already attacking Clarke, although his anti-terrorist credentials are probably second only to the late John O'Neill's (O'Neill died in the WTC on 9/11 after leaving his FBI job weeks earlier). The guy is known as a hawk, and served in the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II administrations. His credentials at least match those of Cheney, Powell, or Rumsfeld, and far exceed those of Rice or Bush. The Repugs succeeded to some degree in discrediting Paul O'Neill as a naive whiner, but I'm not sure they'll get far with this guy.

The key as to whether anything comes of this will be, I think, some key Republican senators: John McCain, Chuck Hagle, Richard Lugar, Richard Shelby, and maybe a few others. If they come out in support of Clarke, Bush is finally in real trouble. Clarke knows more about al Qaeda and terrorism than just about anyone; he was chosen to continue serving in both Bush administrations, and he says that Bush's war on terrorism has made us less safe. Since its basically aWol's entire platform, maybe the Repugs will start looking for another nominee? I sure hope that somebody calls for Bush's resignation or impeachment.