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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Why has this man not been arrested?
Asked if he would have recommended an invasion knowing Iraq had no prohibited weapons, Powell replied: "I don't know, because it was the stockpile that presented the final little piece that made it more of a real and present danger and threat to the region and to the world." He said the "absence of a stockpile changes the political calculus; it changes the answer you get." -- Colin Liar Powell, in an interview with the Washington Post.

If there had been any real evidence of weapons, the UN inspectors would have found them. Powell was the one most responsible for convincing people that there were weapons, and now he's saying that the absence of a stockpile changes the answer you get. That is, no shock, no awe, no hundreds of Americans killed, thousands wounded, and many times those numbers of Iraqi killed and wounded. As I've said about a dozen times in the past week, the UN inspections may not have proved that weapons didn't exist, but they did prove that Powell's "evidence" was crap. Absolutely no excuse for going to war.