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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Washington Post returns from being AWOL about aWol
Yesterday, the Post finally posted an article about Bush's highly dubious military record. The Boston Globe ran pretty much the same article back in 2000. While some of the facts are inconclusive, it appears to be irrefutable that Bush 1) got into the Texas Air National Guard through political favoritism; 2) He was none too diligent in his duties in Texas; 3) He transferred to Alabama and didn't exactly do much, if anything, for the ANG there; 4) Missed a key physical which caused him to lose his flying status, something the military frowns upon given the cost of training a pilot; and 5) Left the Guard altogether, albeit with permission, before his time was up.

But as our appointed pResident, this clown likes to dress up as a real flyboy. I don't blame Bush, or Clinton, or Dan Quayle, or my relatives who did whatever they could to avoid being sentenced to a year or two in the jungles of Vietnam. It was a stupid, pointless war. But for this strutting moron to turn around and sentence tens of thousands of others to participating in a similar quagmire based on similar lies--well, he deserves all of the ridicule he can get. And if he violated the terms of his National Guard duty, he should be punished like anyone else would have been. Impeachment would be a good start!