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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Scott Ritter supports Kucinich
A Kucinich rally was held at the Capitol (Santa Fe, NM) on Friday and featured former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter, an early critic of the war in Iraq.

Ritter, a former U.S. Marine, was a weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. He has been a vocal critical of the Bush administration's policy on Iraq.

Ritter said he is a registered Republican who voted for Bush in 2000, but he won't this year "because I feel so strongly about holding him accountable for what he's done in our name."

Ritter called Iraq "the defining issue of our time" and said Kucinich is the only Democratic candidate with a plan to get the United States out of Iraq.

Kucinich might not end up the party's nominee, Ritter acknowledged. But his proposal for a Department of Peace to ensure the United States doesn't head down a path of destruction is "something that every single Democratic candidate must embrace if we are to survive as a nation."

Cyndy at MouseMusings reminds us of the antebellum days when Ritter, Kucinich and Hans Blix were being abused by the Republitrons and the media (but I repeat myself) for saying that Iraq didn't have WMD's. Cyndy says:

David Kay said "We were all wrong". Perhaps it's time to acknowledge Dennis Kucinich and Scott Ritter were right.

They still are. I went to a Kucinich rally at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing yesterday. We're hoping for a great result next Saturday, but it is discouraging. If half of the people who say "I love Dennis, but he doesn't have a chance" would vote for him, he'd have a great chance. I don't understand this argument at all at this point. You're not going to cause Bush to be re-elected because you vote for somebody you like in February. There will be plenty of time to jump on the "anybody but Bush" bandwagon (and Kerry certainly fits that description) later if necessary. But if you really care about peace, universal health care, and fair trade, voting for Kucinich is the best way to say that.