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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Revisionist Historians
The Bushies and their apologists are now trying to blame the CIA for suggesting that Iraq had WMD's. A year ago, these same people were trying to blame the CIA for suggesting that Iraq didn't have WMD's. Slacktivist presents a basic chronology of their arguments:

Sept. 2002: The CIA is underrepresenting the threat posed by Iraq.

Oct. 2002: The CIA needs to stop claiming that the White House is overstating the threat posed by Iraq.

Early 2003: In the battle between the White House and the CIA, the White House is right and the CIA is wrong: Iraq poses a far more serious threat than the CIA will admit.

Late 2003: Everyone agreed all along about the nature of the threat posed by Iraq. There never was a battle over the intelligence between the CIA and the White House.

Early 2004: The CIA overrepresented the threat posed by Iraq, overwhelming the White House in the battle over the intelligence.

I've read most of Slacktivist's links and searched for evidence documenting this progression (most comes from an idiot columnist at the Washington Post). My googling so far is coming up a little short. I'm hoping Billmon will come up with the definitive quote collection, as he usually does.