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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Polling the cartoonists
Regular blog readers know that I enjoy browsing the political cartoons. I generally do this by going to Slate's political cartoon page. They've got twelve pages of cartoons from all over the political spectrum. I decided to do my own informal poll of the cartoons displayed there today that relate to David Kay's statements about there being no WMD's in Iraq. I found 23 such cartoons, and was very pleased to see that no one attempted to promote the Bush line that the invasion was worth it despite no weapons being found (the hardest core wingnut cartoonists took the opportunity to poke fun at Kerry or Dean or something). All 23 cartoons basically agreed that there was a massive failure here; the main disagreement was whether to blame the CIA or Bush. (Whatever happened to "The buck stops here?") Anyway, here are my informal results: Ten cartoons blame the CIA, nine blame Bush, and four seem to pretty much blame both, or just recognize that something was screwed up badly without assigning blame. I think the best of the whole bunch, which comes from the "blame Bush" category, was this one:

From Doug Marlette.

Here are the ten cartoons that blame the CIA:
Steve Sack
Bill Day
Henry Payne
John Deering
Chris Britt
Matt Davies
Jack Ohman
Vic Harville
Kirk Walters
Larry Wright

Here are the nine that blame Bush:
Mark Streeter
Doug Marlette
Corky Trinidad
Drew Sheneman
Gary Markstein
Steve Breen
Kirk Anderson
Nick Anderson
Mike Keefe

Here are the four that seemed more or less neutral as to whom to blame:
Jimmy Margulies
Marshall Ramsey
Bruce Beattie
Mike Lester

Sorry to make you click so much to see them all, but I probably push the "fair use" clause of copyright law to the limit as is, and the loading time for this page would be pretty long if I displayed all those cartoons directly.