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Monday, February 16, 2004

Letter to the editor
From Friday's Ann Arbor News:

We have wasted 500-plus American lives, 10,000-plus Iraqi civilian lives, 3,000-plus wounded Americans, and who knows how many Iraqi wounded and more than $100 billion. For what? George W. Bush said there were stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Now that it is clear there were not, he says, "Oh, well, it doesn't matter." Doesn't matter? He claims absolutely no responsibility, doesn't even issue an apology. What arrogance! What total lack of compassion!

Our president is as much of a coward as Saddam Hussein except his "spider hole" is the White House. Where is the outrage? Will the true patriots please speak out?

Ed W. Saunders, Chelsea

I hope Ed will be joining us in Ann Arbor on March 20 as "The World Still Says No to War!" You, too!