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Sunday, February 15, 2004

He's toast!
Bush's Campaign to Intensify, With Emphasis on His Record -- NY Times

Bush running on his record. That's as smart as...
  • The 2003 Detroit Tigers running on their winning percentage
  • Bill Clinton running on his marital fidelity
  • Saddam Hussein running on his popularity
  • Britney Spears running on her intelligence
  • Michael Jackson running as an ordinary Joe
  • Bill Buckner trying to get into baseball's Hall of Fame on his fielding in the World Series
  • etc.

Let's take a quick look at that record shall we? Oh, it's a record, alright.

A record number of Americans killed in a single terrorist attack just a few days after the pResident set a pResidential record for the longest vacation.

A record number of wars started, two, using one terrorist attack as justification, with no evidence that either war brought anyone connected with the attacks to justice (I'm sorry, but killing six people with a missile from an unmanned aircraft in the middle of the Yemeni desert isn't "bringing them to justice," it's terrorism), and no evidence that another attack is any less likely because of those wars.

A record deficit. A record number of jobs lost. A record number of treaties and international agreements broken. A record trade deficit. A record number of protesters before a war. A record-tying low number of valid reasons, zero, for starting that war.

Yeah, dimWit. Run on your record. You'll be back in Crawford in no time!