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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Half-hearted semi-endorsement
I have been fairly despondent about presidential politics since Kucinich's 3% showing here in Michigan. Others tried to build some excitement around his 15% in Maine, but it was still just third place, and, no offense to downeasters, but it was just Maine. Maybe he'll have a similar showing in California, but it won't get him the nomination, and it won't get him much leverage at the convention unless the race somehow gets close.

Well, the press at least seems to be playing up John Edwards' strong second in Wisconsin as big news. Edwards now seems to be the only obstacle to John Kerry getting the nomination, and try as I might, I have been able to generate zero enthusiasm for Kerry. I watched several of the debates, and I was not once impressed by Kerry. Ranking the candidates on the issues, I would always have Kucinich at the top, and Kerry at the bottom, only ahead of Lieberman. Ranking the candidates on style, I had Edwards on top and Kerry in a dead heat for last with Lieberman.

Edwards is very smooth and thinks well on his feet. He answers questions clearly. I still think that the Democrats' best hope for winning in November is to bring in millions of people who didn't vote in the last election. Kucinich and Dean offered the best hopes for doing that, but it doesn't look like they'll make it. Between Edwards and Kerry, I think Edwards offers far more appeal to the former non-voters, and he is also much more likely to pry a few southern states out of Bush's grasp. So I'm offering Bob's Links and Rants half-hearted semi-endorsement to Senator John Edwards.