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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Five Three friggin' percent
I swear, the whole system is designed to crush your spirit. We've got a state that has lost thousands of manufacturing jobs because of NAFTA. The chairman of our most famous corporation has called for a national solution to the problem of health care costs so his company can compete internationally. Both U.S. Senators voted against the Iraq war. There is a strong environmental movement here. And for once we had a candidate for president who offered real solutions to these problems, who should have run away with the Michigan vote. Hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers spread the word about the ideal candidate for Michigan voters, and he visited the state several times. But the media and the "mainstream" politicians shut him out, most voters never heard of him, and he got five friggin' percent of the vote here. People listened to their TV's and heard that Kerry was going to win. And Kerry won. And the state, the country, and the world will be the worse off for it.

A voter today asked the Kerry folks about his health care "plan." They didn't seem to really know what it was, and what they did know sounded awfully complicated, and certainly not something that's going to fire up a lot of people. From what I've read and heard, you could say pretty much the same thing about all of Kerry's platform. Tweak NAFTA. Tweak health care. Tweak friggin' Iraq. These are major crises threatening to destroy this country (a lot more than Saddam ever did or could), and the media has convinced people that a tweaker is the solution.

My head hurts.

[Update] Make that THREE percent.