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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

aWol approves 9/11 commission time extension
The Rovian political computer must have gotten some new inputs that caused it to determine that giving the commission more time would have less negative political fallout than continuing to stonewall them and insisting that they wrap things up. Some other blogger will probably dig up the facts--I'm guessing that maybe several Republican congresscritters were starting to think the same things as Bob Graham, and privately told the White House that they'd be joining Graham in making a 9/11 stink if they didn't extend the time.

The decision, of course, didn't prevent the White House from being completely hypocritical:

"The president is pleased to support the commission's request, and we urge Congress to act quickly to extend the timetable for an additional 60 days for the commission to complete its work,'' McClellan said. The administration changed course because it became convinced the panel needed the extra time, he said.

At the same time, he urged the panel to act quickly. "If the commission has information that can help prevent another catastrophic terrorist attack on America soil, we need to have that information as soon as possible,'' McClellan said.

Right, Scotty Boy. That's why you delayed the commission's start for over a year, and have done everything possible to block its investigation since then. Here's the information you need to prevent another terrorist attack: Your boss is an incompetent, criminal greedhead and needs to go.

And here's an interesting point:
If Congress accepts Bush's recommendation, the report would arrive at the end of August, just as the presidential campaign is entering the post-Labor Day final stretch.

The end of August is when the Republican convention will be held in New York City. It's hard to imagine that the Repugs want this report to come out just as the convention is being held, unless...

Ohmygod...Unless there's another terrorist attack coming between May and August. The Bushies could then blame it on the inability of the Commission to complete the report on time, they'd get their boost in the polls from the flag-waving idiots, and no one would ever know how complicit they'd really been in 9/11.