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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Time to plan another march!
A March march, that is. The Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace is going to sponsor a peace march on March 20, the one year anniversary of Iraq's Pearl Harbor.
"Jobs Not War in 2004" is this year's theme for the AAACP, and for this march. The first planning session is tonight: If anyone out there in readerland has suggestions for cool things we might do, please e-mail me!

As locals and long-time readers will recall, our march last February 8 featured "The World's Largest Human Peace Sign," which we formed on the University of Michigan Diag and had photographed from an airplane:

Click on picture for large view.

I've already talked to a pilot friend of mine (last year's pilot/photographer turned out to be a Bush supporter, even though he did a pretty good job for us) about this year's march, so I'll think we'll be able to do something similar. Hopefully even cooler! I'm thinking maybe more than one pose, or even animation--sort of a marching band for peace! (Six members of my family, including myself, were in marching bands in high school and/or college.) Maybe some effects during the march as well--ribbons or reflective stuff that would show up in an aerial photo or movie. I think a flag-draped coffin brigade--one coffin for each US soldier killed in Iraq--would be very effective. Any suggestions on how to do that inexpensively?

Anyway--let me know of any cool ideas you have!