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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

This is not, repeat not, satire:
MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) - President Bush acted Monday to bar people involved in corruption from the United States, a move that coincides with one of his goals at a summit meeting of 34 Western Hemisphere nations.

Corruption of public institutions hampers U.S. efforts to promote security and strengthen democratic institutions and free-market systems, Bush said in a proclamation the White House released at the two-day summit, which began Monday.

He said the United States is acting to restrict international travel and prevent entry into the country of people who have committed, participated in or benefited from corruption conducted while performing public functions.

The restrictions apply, he said, when corruption has had a "serious adverse'' effect on the international activity of U.S. business, U.S. foreign aid goals, the security of the United States against transnational crime and terrorism or the stability of democratic nations and institutions.

"We think that fighting corruption is a good way to strengthen democracy,'' said Sean McCormack, a national security spokesman at the White House. "It's an important part of our discussion down here.''

That's exactly how it appears in the Guardian, and probably hundreds of other papers and web sites around the world, being an AP report. Let's just hope they mean it, and that Bush, Rice, Powell and whatever other corrupt officials they've got with them are barred re-entry into the U.S. Because $200 million in campaign contributions, aka bribes, and no-bid contracts to Republican-connected firms, and so on, and so on, and so on, IS corruption.

From Encarta:

Corruption: dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain.

That IS the Bush administration.