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Friday, January 23, 2004

January 15, 2004 -- STEVEN Brill had a summit meeting of TV anchormen and their bosses over dinner at his Fifth Avenue apartment on Tuesday night with Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to discuss how they'll cover the next terrorist attack. Brill, whose book "After" detailed the response to 9/11, spearheads the America Prepared Campaign to educate the public. Joining Brill, his wife Cynthia and two of their three kids for dinner were Fox News Channel boss Roger Ailes, ABC News prexie David Westin, CBS News chief Andrew Heyward, CNN anchor Aaron Brown, plus Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw. -- from the New York Post.

I'm sure Brezhnev used to do this with the Pravda staff, although the food probably wasn't as good. I wonder if Ridge told the state-run media when they might expect the attack, where to put their cameras, what to say about how this will affect the election. Maybe he provided them with video tapes of Bush's "strong and determined" statements about the attack, and guidance as to which country would be bombed in response.

Thanks to Michelle for the link.