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Friday, January 09, 2004

The outrage we should see everywhere...
Can be found in an editorial from yesterday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Along with replaying the usual list of lies from Bush, Cheney, Powell and others and comparing them with what has actually been found (Hint: NOTHING), the Post-Dispatch offers this story which I hadn't read before:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair told British troops last month that Mr. Kay's group had produced "massive evidence of a huge system of clandestine laboratories, (and) workings by scientists." But when a British reporter read Mr. Blair's assessment to L. Paul Bremer - minus Mr. Blair's name - the U.S. administrator in Baghdad said, "I don't know where those words come from, but that is not what David Kay has said." After Mr. Bremer was told the source of the quote, he added in embarrassment, "There is actually a lot of evidence."

The Post-Dispatch's conclusion?
Altogether, the distortions and exaggerations amount to a major misuse of intelligence. The nation needs a tough, nonpartisan investigation to get to the bottom of this failure in order to guard against a president again leading the nation into war based on seriously flawed information and hype.

Followed by impeachment. I'm outraged, and I never believed that Iraq was a serious threat (although I thought, like just about everyone else, that they at least had a barrel or two of mustard gas or something somewhere). I think that if I had drunk fully from the Kool-Aid and believed all of lies, I'd be absolutely furious, albeit extremely embarrassed. Those of us who opposed the war should be outraged; those who supported it more so.