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Monday, January 19, 2004

Or maybe it was just manufacturing lies for the Bush administration...
An around-the-clock operation, to be sure. From the Suskind/O'Neill book, via the San Jose Mercury News via Left I:

"Tenet pulled out a long scroll, the size of an architectural blueprint, and flattened it on the table.

"It was a grainy photograph of a factory. Tenet said that surveillance planes had just taken this photo. The CIA believed the building might be 'a plant that produces either chemical or biological materials for weapons manufacture.'

"Soon, everyone was leaning over the photo. Tenet had a pointer. 'Here are the railroad tracks coming are the trucks lined up over here...They're bringing it in here and bringing it out there...'

"[Vice President Dick] Cheney motioned to the deputies, the backbenchers, lining the wall. 'Come on up,' he said with uncharacteristic excitement, waving his arm. 'You have to take a look at this.'

"...After a moment, O'Neill interjected, 'I've seen a lot of factories around the world that look a lot like this one. What makes us suspect that this one is producing chemical or biological agents for weapons?'

"Tenet mentioned a few items of circumstantial evidence -- such as the round-the-clock rhythm of shipments in and out of the plant -- but said there was 'no confirming intelligence' as to the materials being produced."

Hmmm...We used to have "weapons" factories just like that here in Michigan, but most of them have closed down and moved to Texas or Mexico or Japan or China. Railroad tracks, trucks, things going in and out, just imagine... Hey world! If you've got an economy, the Bushies can find an excuse to invade you! Wait...think... Afghanistan, Somalia...Hey world! Whether or not you have an economy, the Bushies can find an excuse to invade you!