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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Of course they will!
Like me, Billmon had joked about aWol's Moon-Mars Extravaganza being another way to send tax money to Halliburton. It turns out, unsurprisingly, to be no joke. Billmon quotes from the Petroleum News:

Dr. Geoffrey Briggs, director, Center for Mars Exploration at the NASA Ames Center, told “Meet Alaska” that NASA is looking at ways to drill on Mars to look for water — and the life it might contain. Briggs said NASA has been working with Halliburton, Shell, Baker-Hughes and the Los Alamos National Laboratory to identify drilling technologies that might work on Mars...

Halliburton and Baker-Hughes are working on some very advanced systems, Briggs said, some so advanced they aren’t willing to talk much about them. He said the NASA Ames Center relies on working with people in the industry who “really understand the problems and make us face up to the realities …

Billmon and his commenters have lots of interesting things to say about it.