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Monday, January 12, 2004

The infinitely pliable American corporation
Subway restaurants have spent several years worth of advertising turning Jared Fogle into the second most famous nobody in America (the first is here). Jared has been their poster boy for low-fat dining, since Jared lost over 200 pounds on a low-fat diet featuring Subway sandwiches. Subway's web site still features lots of information on the benefits of a low-fat diet, and while they've always had plenty of stuff on the menu that isn't low fat, I think most people would agree that low-fat offerings have been the key feature of Subway's advertising over the last five years. So they must believe in it, right?

Nah. They're now offering two "Atkins-friendly" sandwiches, the Turkey and Bacon Melt and the Chicken Bacon Ranch. I've met some actual people who've lost some weight on Atkins, but it sure sounds like suicide to me. I used to eat crap like that, and I don't remember it being any easier to lose weight then. If I exercise A LOT, I lose weight; otherwise I don't, even on my vegetarian diet. Of course, I've always liked cookies.