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Thursday, January 22, 2004

I'm so famous...
My letter to the editor ran in yesterday's Ann Arbor News:

I hope that Ann Arbor area Democrats will consider voting for the one presidential candidate who offers a real change from business as usual: Rep. Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich not only opposed the war in Iraq: He still does, and offers a plan to get the UN in and the U.S. out within 90 days. He proposes a Department of Peace to put the U.S. back on a more peaceful basis with the rest of the world. He promises to repeal NAFTA and the WTO, which together have cost many thousands of manufacturing jobs in Michigan. Kucinich proposes a single-payer universal health care plan, similar to what Canada has, which will free citizens from an enormous worry, free business from an enormous burden, and also save money overall.

He strongly defends workers' rights, and was the only candidate to join the picket line during the strike against Borders. Learn more about Dennis Kucinich at, and register to vote in the Feb. 7 Democratic caucus at (before Jan. 31). Vote for a better, more peaceful future. Vote for Kucinich!