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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Go Teddy! Go Teddy!
Ted Kennedy gave a "blistering" speech today blasting the Bushies for the war. CNN only has a brief summary and I'm short on time; I'm assuming I'll be able to find the whole speech later on Common Dreams or Kennedy's web site. Here are a couple of quotes from the CNN article:

The administration and the majority in Congress have put the state of our union at risk, and they do not deserve another term in the White House or in control of Congress.
By far the most serious consequence of the unjustified and unnecessary war in Iraq is that it made the war on terrorism harder to win.
The administration is vindictive and mean-spirited ... The administration is breathtakingly arrogant.

Administration lackies immediately fired back with their usual inanities:

"He just needs to be reminded that the president worked with Congress. The president worked with the U.N. as he continued to work through the issue of whether or not we went to war in Iraq," said Commerce Secretary Don Evans.

Sorry, Donny Boy. "Lying to" is not the same as "working with."

At a briefing Wednesday, Press Secretary Scott McClellan told reporters, "Let me remind you that the world is safer and better because of the action that we took to remove a brutal regime from power in Iraq."

Sorry, Scottie Boy. It is inappropriate to "remind" someone of something isn't true, and never was.

Anyway, way to go Teddy!