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Monday, January 12, 2004

For it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for?
The "footballs are round" half of the Blair-Bush Project is having his doubts about the fabled WMD's in Iraq:
Tony Blair yesterday signalled that weapons of mass destruction may never be found in Iraq, in his first admission of fallibility over the central justification he gave for going to war with Iraq.
In his most downbeat assessment of the contentious issue so far, the prime minister said he did not know whether WMD would be unearthed, and conceded that this flew in the face of widespread initial expectations.

"I do not know is the answer," he admitted. "I believe that we will but I agree there were many people who thought we were going to find this in the course of the actual operation ... We just have to wait and see".
Mr Blair's uncharacteristically flat response, in an interview in which he was bullish about top-up fees and the Hutton inquiry, spoke volumes about his diminishing certainty that WMD would be found. He pointedly failed to refer to the weekend discovery of 36 shells containing chemical agents in the Iraq desert north of Basra, believed to be remnants from the Iran-Iraq war.
-- Guardian.

Bush (probably) and Blair (possibly) were mostly lying, although there may have been some failures by intelligence agencies which led them to believe that Iraq actually had a few weapons. Whatever it was, we should never forget that inspectors had returned to Iraq and were scouring the country--and finding nothing. Whatever the intelligence may have indicated in October 2002, it was largely refuted by March 2003. But Bush and Blair started the war anyway, and both should be prosecuted for it, just like the Nazi war criminals were at Nuremburg.