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Monday, January 05, 2004

Bush in Thirty Seconds
MoveOn has posted the top fifteen "Bush in Thirty Seconds" ads for your viewing enjoyment. They're all pretty good, but the mother-on-the-park-bench one unfortunately isn't among them. It appears to be no longer available for viewing online. It featured this young mother sitting on a park bench, telling us why we have to get rid of Bush. I'll paraphrase what I recall from the ad:

It's not that he's rolled back environmental standards, or that he's done nothing to improve energy efficiency. It's not that three million jobs have been lost while he gave tax cuts to the rich, nor that he's gutting our civil liberties. (Be careful, Billy!) It's not that his deficits are forcing cutbacks in health care, schools, and other things we need. It's not even that he lied, repeatedly, to get us into an unnecessary war. No. It's that he's so g**d*** f***ing stupid! That's why we have to get rid of Bush.

Bush In Two Words
William Rivers Pitt offers the two little words that need to be said to add aWol to the unemployment lines: Bush Knew.