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Friday, January 09, 2004

Attack of the Cheap Labor Conservatives
Billmon completely restores my lack of faith in aWol regarding his "compassionate" plan to "legalize" undocumented workers. He quotes former Clinton staffer Maria Echaveste as follows:

The president's proposal is, at best, an empty promise and, at worst, a cynical political ploy to attract Hispanic votes. The proposal would essentially have undocumented persons in this country sign up for second-class status, only to be removed once their temporary tags expire.

Billmon also recalls the "bracero" program which existed in this country before 1964. That program, like Bush's, allowed immigrants to be "legal" only at the whim of an employer, giving the employer pretty much master-slave control over the worker. The workers' only real recourse was to accept deportation, and that seems to be the gist of Bush's plan as well.

And while some Republicans have already complained about Bush's plan giving "amnesty" to undocumented workers, I have yet to see one complain about it giving amnesty to the corporations that have hired them.