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Friday, January 16, 2004

Another thought on CBS and MoveOn
CBS said on Thursday that advocacy advertisements were out of bounds on professional football's biggest day. -- From the article on CBS's decision not to air MoveOn's "Bush in 30 Seconds" ad, as well as an ad from PETA.

Partially in defense of CBS, and mostly to contradict them, I'll mention that I watched the NFL playoff games on CBS last Saturday and Sunday. On both, they ran ads for 60 Minutes featuring the quote from Paul O'Neill saying that Bush "was like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people." But according to the Reuters article:

In a letter, CBS told PETA that it would not run advertisements on "controversial issues of public importance."

So, we can't say that CBS has been blindly supporting Bush, since they did run (and advertise) the 60 Minutes segment. But they're not being consistent with their stated ad policy when they ran ads for their own show that were on "controversial issues of public importance."