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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Air Traffic Constraints. Right.
The U.S. Air Force in western Europe is likely to shift to bases farther east and south where pilots can train with fewer air traffic constraints, a top Air Force commander in Europe said Tuesday.

"South and east is a reasonable assumption for us to make right now,'' said Gen. Robert H. Foglesong, who is chief of all U.S. as well as North Atlantic Treaty Organization air forces in Europe.
"We're looking south and east. That makes sense to us, to posture our forces in positions (where) they could be employed quicker'' for military operations outside NATO's European borders, Foglesong added.

Folgesong did not mention which countries in eastern or southern Europe might agree to host U.S. air forces, but he noted that Poland recently hosted a large-scale NATO air exercise.
-- AP

In other words, France and Germany are farther down the list of countries to threaten than are Syria, Iran, and the countries in the oil-rich Caspian area. Also, take the economic benefit away from the cheese-eating chocolate makers of western Europe and give it to Coalition of the Billing members Italy and Poland.